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"Sometimes forgetting is the only thing you can do. As much as you want to remember, as much as you want to hold on to that one thing that you had because it made you feel so incredibly awesome, sometimes it is best for you to just let go. You let go because while holding on can make you feel like you’re on the highest mountain peak, invincible, accomplished and happy, it more often makes you feel like you are stuck in the deepest pit, stranded, alone, cold and hoping that that one thing you were holding on to will pull you right back out again."

"Getting burnt once doesn’t mean you should never drink coffee again, it means that you misjudged what you had. Don’t rush to consume it all but don’t give up either. I am a cup of coffee, I don’t want you to give up on me because the last cup hurt you. I am a great cup of coffee that would try to be perfect for you in every way. You are making me feel cold."